New fuel test with Triboron shows significantly lower fuel consumption also for petrol cars

28 April, 2022

Triboron International AB (publ) (“Triboron”), in collaboration with the leading British Test company Emissions Analytics, has conducted new Real Driving Emissions tests (official regulatory certification test within the EU) that show reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions also for petrol cars.

Triboron has conducted another positive test in the line of several successful fuel tests with passenger cars. Together with Emission Analytics, a gasoline-powered VW Golf Euro5 was tested this time. The test showed an average fuel and emissions reduction of 4.6 percent. The result is statistically ascertained with over 99 percent confidence. Fuel savings were even higher on some road sections.

Corresponding tests with Triboron in diesel cars have previously shown very positive results. The statistically ascertained reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for Euro 4, 5 and 6 diesel vehicles showed a 3.5 percent reduction on average.

“Triboron has previously shown outstanding results in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions under real-world conditions for diesel vehicles. We can now show significant reductions also for petrol cars. The result is very positive both in terms of the environment and fuel economy in these times,” says Pär Krossling, CEO of Triboron.

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About Emissions Analytics

The company was founded in 2011 and since then has tested around 2,500 vehicles in real-world conditions using PEMS, making it one of the innovators and earliest practitioners of this type of measurement. Clients of Emissions Analytics include auto makers, suppliers to auto makers, regulators, governments, vehicle fleets, universities, financial institutions, and fuel companies.

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