Enables rapid implementation

Triboron’s major advantage compared to other friction reducing actions is the direct effect than enables an instant reduction of emissions and greenhouse gases. It requires no new low-friction coatings, new engine designs or other changes that have a long implementation time.

Triboron is applicable both in new and used vehicles and has the potential to reduce fuel consumption with between 3-5%. Triboron also reduces the levels of smoke, particles and odors in the exhaust gases.

Non-toxic and excellent fit for biofuels

Since Triboron technology is an excellent fit for biofuels, FAME, methanol and ethanol, it enables an increased use of alternative fuels, which plays an important role in building a sustainable society. The lubricating and protecting qualities when using Triboron in ethanol or methanol are exceptional.

The compounds and the substances used in Triboron production process are harmless for nature. Boron is an essential micronutrient for plant growth and like many other micronutrients it is required in low concentrations for the growth of plants. The non-toxic product contains no fossil based ingredients, which means that it is an excellent alterative to present biocide-based products.