Consumer Products

Since Triboron can be used in a wide range of viscous oil and fuels, the product is perfect both for industrial and individual use in most mechanical designs with motion generated friction. Industrial consumers are able to license the technology and set up local production. This enables rapid, low-cost implementation.

Fuel Formula

The Triboron Technology Fuel Formula are available for use in Petrol, Diesel, Ethanol, Methanol and together with all mixed-in-biofuels. The function of the Fuel Formula is to reduce the friction and thereby enhance the performance and to utilize the fuel in a better way. An impeccable chose for the modern driver. The formula is added to the fuel in the proportion 1:1000.

2 stroke Formula

Triboron 2-stroke Formula provides excellent lubrication with a subsequent reduction of harmful exhaust emissions. The unique recipe enables up to 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as emissions of hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxides (CO).

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