Triboron signs groundbreaking agreement with Future Fuels

19 January, 2018

The green technology company Triboron International gets its industrial breakthrough by teaming up with the European biofuel distributor/producer Future Fuels. The ten-year sales agreement with an estimated worth of 40-50 MSEK per year.

According to the agreement, Future Fuels will import Triboron technology, integrate it into their range of biofuels and market the products to their growing international customer base.

“We are very happy that Future Fuels have chosen Triboron for improving the environmental qualities of their outstanding biofuels,” says Triboron International’s Chief Executive Thomas Lindskog. “This groundbreaking agreement is the result of our meticulous research and systematic verification of the Triboron technology.”

“Future Fuels strategy is to make the best pure biofuels and blends in the world. By incorporating Triboron Technology into the product range we will take an additional step ahead of the competition, and at the same time add value to our customers by further reduced fuel consumption, emissions and engine maintenance,” says Germ Wiersma, CEO of Future Fuels.

The Swedish innovation Triboron is a patented technology for reducing mechanical friction. Using Triboron in fuels, oils and fats results in major mechanical and environmental advantages as well as economical savings.

In addition to reducing fuel consumption and emissions, Triboron also preserves the fuel quality through superior bacteria control. The technology protects mechanical parts from wear and tear, cleans injectors and counteracts corrosion.

“Since our technology retains its excellent lubrication and protection abilities also when mixed with biofuels, it is a perfect match for Future Fuels products,” explains Thomas Lindskog.

About Triboron International AB

Founded and governed by a group of leading Swedish industrialists and supported by world-class expertise, Triboron International AB is a green technology company with a patented tribology technology and process. By reducing friction, improving efficiency and saving money, Triboron adds value to industrial applications without the downsides of previous boron based products. It is also an enabler for increased use of biofuels.

About Future Fuels Wholesale BV

Future Fuels Wholesale desires to share their knowledge and experience in supplying and using high quality high blends and pure biofuels from renewable sources. It is their wish to realise this by cooperation with selected dealers and distributors in order to establish an international logistics network for fuels with future.