New Ångström research supports Triboron’s extensive laboratory and field tests

New research performed by Elin Larsson, Petra Olander and Prof. Staffan Jacobson at the Ångström laboratory has focused on simplified lab experiments to understand fuel consumption reduction in field tests with boron as a lubricating fuel additive. The new laboratory tests, which were presented in March 2017, support the positive findings in field tests with boron lubricants, such as the Triboron technology. They also demonstrate the potential of boric acid as a fuel additive. All tests with boric acid resulted in friction reductions, at least during parts of the tests. For a specific test method, friction reductions up to 50 per cent were found.

About Triboron

The Swedish innovation Triboron is a patented, unique technology for reducing mechanical friction. Mixed with the fuel in a modern vehicle Triboron creates a sustainable fuel saving of between 3 and 5 percent. Our major scientific breakthrough is the ability to dissolve a low concentration of Boron into a clear, stable liquid. Triboron captures the full effect of Boron’s documented friction- reducing properties while also protecting mechanical parts from wear and tear. Triboron International AB is founded and governed by a group of leading Swedish industrialists and supported by world-class expertise in the fields of chemistry, combustion technology and energy production.