New real-world driving tests with Triboron show significant reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

9 August, 2021

Triboron International AB (publ) (”Triboron”), in collaboration with the leading UK testing company Emissions Analytics, has conducted Real Driving Emissions (”RDE”) tests that show significant reduction in both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Euro 6 standards

When the Euro 6 standard was introduced in the EU in September 2015, cars were tested for emissions in a laboratory. These tests that were known to be unrealistic when compared with real-world driving and cars could also be optimized to perform particularly well in laboratory settings. To ensure even cleaner cars, the EU introduced the Euro 6d-TEMP, requiring RDE tests to monitor emissions. In 2021, the standard was updated to Euro 6d, requiring cars to pass this real-world test with lower limits.

Triboron RDE tests

Emission Analytics has recently tested Triboron’s Fuel Formula boron-based additive in two light-duty diesel vehicles, one certified to Euro 5 standard and one to Euro 6 standard. Multiple Portable Emissions Measurement System (”PEMS”) tests were conducted both with and without the addition of Triboron to understand fuel consumption, emissions performance, and the product’s suitability for vehicles of different ages and after-treatment systems.

With the addition of Triboron to the fuel, the Euro 5 car overall showed 5.7 percent reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In the motorway test section, reductions were 11.2 percent. The Euro 6 car overall showed 1.4 percent reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In the motorway test section, reductions were 4.4 percent.

“These astounding results demonstrate the strength of Triboron’s technology when it comes to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions under real-world conditions. Emission Analytics is an authority on this type of testing and I assume that our target groups will look very closely at the results when evaluating our offering going forward”, says Pär Krossling, CEO of Triboron.

“The test results with Triboron are among the best we have experienced, for this type of product, in Emissions Analytics’ independent PEMS testing. Such results would warrant attention from fuel companies as well as from automakers, transport companies, governments and others”, adds Nick Molden, Founder & CEO of Emissions Analytics.

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About Emissions Analytics

Emissions Analytics is the leading independent global testing and data specialist for the scientific measurement of real-world emissions and fuel efficiency for passenger and commercial vehicles and non-road mobile machinery.
The company was founded in 2011 and since then has tested around 2,500 vehicles in real-world conditions using PEMS, making it one of the innovators and earliest practitioners of this type of measurement. Clients of Emissions Analytics include automakers, suppliers to automakers, regulators, governments, vehicle fleets, universities, financial institutions, and fuel companies.

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