Triboron signs distribution agreement with Future2Green BV

29 January, 2018

The green technology company Triboron International has signed a ten-year distribution agreement with Future2Green, including the right to market and sell Triboron’s fuel-saving and CO2 -reducing two-stroke formula The agreement has an estimated worth of 50-100 MSEK.

The Pan-European distribution agreement covers Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria and Switzerland. Future2Green will supply Triboron’s Two-Stroke Formula to retailers as well as to professional users and consumers.

“Partnering up with Future2Green is an excellent platform for making the unique qualities of our Two-Stroke Formula available for users of two-stroke vehicles and machines across Europe,” says Pär Krossling, COO Commercial Operations at Triboron. “This market is still strong and will remain so in the foreseeable future, especially on the professional side.”

“By selling Triboron’s products we offer two-stroke users the possibility to reduce their environmental footprint and meet more stringent emission demands on these engines without compromising on the performance,” says Chris Snijder, CEO of Future2Green.

Triboron’s Two-Stroke Formula, which replaces the oil in two-stroke engines, interacts with the metal surfaces and forms a tribofilm layer that minimises friction, optimises power and protects mechanical parts from wear.

In addition to sustainable fuel savings and CO2 reductions of at least 10%, using Triboron also reduces harmful emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) with 25%.

“This agreement is another result of our meticulous research and systematic verification of the Triboron technology,” says Pär Krossling.

The agreement with Future2Green follows the earlier announcement of Triboron’s co-operation with the European biofuel distributor/producer Future Fuels, who will import Triboron technology, integrate it into their range of biofuels and market the products to their growing international customer base. The agreement also gives Triboron International the rights to import and distribute Future Fuels products in Sweden and Norway.

About Triboron International AB

Founded and governed by a group of leading Swedish industrialists and supported by world-class expertise, Triboron International AB is a green technology company with a patented tribology technology and process. By reducing friction, improving efficiency and saving money, Triboron adds value to industrial applications without the downsides of previous boron based products. It is also an enabler for increased use of biofuels.

About Future2Green

Future2Green is a new Dutch company founded by the owner of a big online two-stroke specialist. Future2Green believes that the Triboron technology that is already available, could provide a direct environmental benefit in particular for use in 2-stroke engines without any modification to these engines. Engines will run better, cleaner and more efficient. Triboron 2-stroke formula is “The new standard in 2-stroke”.