Tests & Validation

Over 10 million operational hours in harsh racing environments, everyday use and laboratories using state-of-the-art AVL equipment have verified that Triboron products have a proven ability to reduce friction, save fuel and contribute to anti-bacterial control. Triboron products are also determined to be safe for use in both new and used applications, without any negative impact on engines, emission control systems or machines.

Our solid long-term quality verification is the base for Triboron International’s guarantee, which offers financial compensation to the user in the unlikely event of an operational malfunction that is caused by our products.

Friction Reduction

Laboratory fiction tests have been carried out by our research partner, the Tribomaterial Group at Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University. They have focused on studying the impact of repeated spraying of the technology on a metal surface.

The graph shows how the friction coefficient decreases during a repeated spraying (1 second every 10 seconds) of a mix of compressed air and a Triboron Fuel Formula on an oil lubricated surface.