Market Potential

Low-cost technology with enormous potential

Even if the transition to biofuels has started, fossil fuels will continue to play a major part in satisfying growing energy needs as the Earth’s population and urbanization grow. This means that the environmental performance of the Triboron technology has an enormous market potential for achieving international goals to reduce CO2 emissions with 75% by 2030.

Triboron Fuel formula works perfectly well with both fossil based (petrol & diesel) and biofuels (biofuels, FAME, methanol and ethanol) and can thereby enable a sustainable transformation from old to new transport alternatives.

Taking the growing environmental awareness into the equation, there is an enormous market potential for a simple technology that achieves a substantial large-scale CO2, CO and HC reduction to a very low investment.

A full-scale implementation of Triboron Technology in the global population of 1.3 billion vehicles as well as in machines for power generation and ships, would create an instant and sustainable impact, without any need for hardware replacements. The financial incentive from an operator and consumer perspective is also exceptionally positive. Every dollar spent on Triboron results in fuel savings worth approximately 3 dollars.