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The rapid path to global CO2 reduction and limitation of toxic emissions

A large-scale use of the groundbreaking green technology Triboron is one of the most rapid and cost-effective steps available for achieving a rapid and sustainable reduction of global CO2, CO and HC emissions. The Triboron technology would then play a major role to achieve the widespread aim to reduce CO2 with 75% by 2030.


The Swedish innovation Triboron is a patented, unique technology for reducing mechanical friction. Used in fuels, oils, and fats in a wide span of vehicles and machines, it results in major mechanical, environmental advantages and economical savings. By reducing fuel consumption, the emissions will consequently be reduced.


Triboron is a low cost green technology that replaces toxic and costly products. Our major scientific breakthrough is our ability to dissolve a low concentration of Boron into a clear, stable liquid. Mixed with the fuel in a modern vehicle Triboron creates a sustainable fuel saving of at least 3-5 %. An even higher fuel reduction is enabled in stationary generators.


Triboron captures the full effect of Boron’s documented friction-reducing properties while protecting the fuel quality through superior bacteria control. It also protects mechanical parts from wear and tear, cleans injectors and counteracts corrosion. Triboron retains its excellent lubrication and protection abilities when it is mixed with biofuels.